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Financial Technology

March 20, 2017

Escaping the Black Hole of Technical Debt Through Quality

By Special Guest
Veronica Hanks, Senior Business Analyst, Algoworks ,

It is a common practice in most companies to earn an immediate profit without thinking about the long-term effect. Such companies eventually lose in the race and are long gone before even making an impact on the market. As a software company, such events are often seen as more and more companies become interested in delivering codes which are faulty just to meet the product deadline. Such hasty and faulty releases result in the formation and accumulation of technical debt, which negatively affects the company’s existence. Ideally, such practices should be avoided at all cost.

Ensure Quality

If you want to stay the race, it is better to spend some additional time to ensure that the quality of the product is good so that you do not have to spend much time on reworking it in the future. If you release a faulty code, then managing it becomes more difficult as it ages. The entire process becomes a costly affair. Therefore, both the sales and the development team should work together to provide good codes which will be scalable, extensible and function perfectly for a long time. You must ensure that sound and ethical practices are followed by your teams at all levels.

Admit it Exists

The easiest way to manage tech debt is to admit that it exists at some stage or another and follow adequate measures to test it, identify it and fix it. When it is identified, prioritize the cleaning process by developing effective strategies for the refactor work. To stop the cycle of tech debt, both management and the developing team should embrace some key attributes.    

Key Attributes to Follow   

Your team should be made up of mature, professional and highly qualified programmers. You should adopt an agile process for the work and rework as well with meaningful participation from the stakeholders. At all costs, keep the design simple and granular so that detecting defects is easy and defects do not affect the entire code, just a portion of it. Use ethical and sound practices while designing to produce as many clean codes as possible. Practice regular testing processes to ensure continuous improvement and publish the metrics after measuring everything. 

Use Testing Tools

You should always rely on proper and continuous testing of the codes, before and after release, to ensure high quality and proper functioning. Implement unit testing, performance testing, feature and UI testing, regression testing and much more so that you do not take chances with the quality of the product. You can check online to know more about testing code.

Comprehensive tests combined with automated regression processes can help a lot in quality maintenance. There are several tools to maintain such quality, which you should not shy away from using. Data model tools, code analysis tools, test coverage tools, and code vulnerability analysis will help a lot to identify challenged codes and fix them as well.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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