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Financial Technology

March 20, 2014

ADP Introduces Electronic Invoicing Solutions for Small and Large Businesses

Automatic Data Processing (News - Alert), ADP, is one of the largest business outsourcing solutions providers. With a vast experience of 60 years, they offer solutions in human resource, tax, payroll, and other administrative solutions. They have recently added the electronic invoicing solutions to their repository which increases their scope of work manifolds. later today announced that they have added many additions to the service in order to provide seamless solutions to their clients and offer the same level of satisfaction that they are accustomed to.

With the help of Electronic Invoicing solutions, the organizations can streamline their invoicing tasks which will inadvertently improve efficiency and allow the companies to focus on their core competencies. The companies that began using the invoicing solution have reduced the invoice time and also brought down the processing cost. They have also been able to get clearer picture regarding the spending patterns in their organizations.

ADP’s invoice automation service brought in several enhancements that increase the effectiveness and also provides a comprehensive system of vendors that are compatible with the e-invoicing platform. The enhancements include:

-        Advanced Coding on the basis of Historical data: The system studies the past trends to understand the pattern used in invoicing over the last couple of years or months. Upon recognizing the pattern, the system automatically starts coding the invoice in the same format. This process increases the accuracy and timelines substantially.

-        Rule based Document Routing: ADP uses the rule-based mechanism that will automatically route the documents to the concerned person in the right department. This process obliterates the need for manual intervention and increases the efficiency considerably.

-        Easy Management of Documents: The clients have the freedom to process all kinds of documents in the same system. It will also include the ones with or without the purchase order.

With ADP’s breakthrough advancement in the field of electronic and automatic invoicing, many organizations have been successfully able to transform their accounts and payable process. The procure-to-pay solution has been built in such a way that it boosts the efficiency of midsized and Small Corporation.

ADP’s spokesperson said that the new technology has been a direct result of their client’s demands for greater automation and simplification of the processes so that lesser data exchanges hands. These enhancements give their customers larger control of the system and higher visibility. ADP has been at the forefront in providing innovative solutions to its customers so that their non-core competencies can be handled automatically while they can add more value to their business by working more efficiently. With the latest P2P solution, the ADP clients can now work harder to build their business while their invoice related transactions are being taken care of by the backend system.

The pioneer in automated solutions provider ADP works feverishly towards providing productive systems to their clients so that they can work and perform better. ADP has been responsible for providing some of the finest automation solutions to all their clients – from small to large corporations.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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