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Financial Technology

February 19, 2014

BoardProspects is Out of Beta

It's here!, a boardroom community application that allows board members, prospects, and corporate entities to join a forum and share with each other news, resources, best practices, and recruitment opportunities, has just recently come out of beta and launched its product for the public market. The new version of the application has better performance, more feature-rich searches, and looks better on mobile screens.

Corporate governance is a very sluggish system that doesn't get any better at the board level. Recruitment is often a very expensive process that often bases itself on how well-connected a candidate is and forces many corporations to rely on recruitment firms that love to peel their coffers open. Using BoardProspects, corporations no longer have to go through these steps and can instead opt for something that lets them connect to a world full of professionals.

Mark Rogers, BoardProspects CEO, said, “As our online community continues to grow, we are encouraged by the diversity of our members and that public, private, and non-profit corporations are becoming active on the site, searching for board candidates. Our newest launch will enhance the experience for early BoardProspects users and assist new members in applying and recruiting candidates for boards.”

Members of BoardProspects can also see the latest best practices for corporate governance and keep themselves up to date on the latest boardroom news. This is still not everything, though. In the future, BoardProspects will offer a product known as BoardU, a platform that will educate members of the community on board governance and will also allow them to choose the adequate education program for their particular needs.

Yan Pujante, a member of BoardProspects' advisory board, said, “To date, technology has been dramatically underutilized to improve corporate governance. By leveraging online connections to create an international boardroom community, BoardProspects significantly enhances the board recruitment process – both for candidates and corporations.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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