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Financial Technology

February 19, 2014

Patent Portfolio for Cloud-based Labor Management Now Available

Perhaps one of the biggest problems facing enterprises today is the one of gaps in technology. In other words, they have a strong presence of modern technology in some aspects of their operations while lacking this efficiency in others. One of these areas is labor management. There seems to be an utter gap in streamlining the process of recruiting and managing remote workers, especially among small and medium enterprises that don't have the resources to make a simple solution to this complex problem. It seems as if though the landscape of cloud labor management is about to spawn, since ICAP Patent Brokerage has announced the sale of some US patents regarding methods and systems for automatically recruiting, managing, and training workers using telecommunications networks like the internet.

The auction for the patent portfolio will start accepting bids on March 25 and will end by March 27 this year.

“Crowdsourcing and the management of remote workers is an exciting and fast-growing new industry,” said Dean Becker, ICAP Patent Brokerage's CEO. “These compelling patents are strategic for companies who provide on-demand outsourced labor services managed through the internet, or companies who utilize and manage cloud labor.”

The systems described in the patent portfolio include one that allows workers to be able to pick and choose their tasks and be compensated for their work as long as they have internet connections. While many task management solutions are already available (some even for free), many of them lack specific features that allow them to be more automated. They still keep small companies busy and put peanut butter under the shoes of larger ones. What this system does goes much further.

For example, the system described in the patents automatically sends out a task to a qualified worker, receives the completed task, assesses its quality, trains new workers, and recruits others. If this isn't automation, I don't know what is!

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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