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Financial Technology

February 07, 2014

HID Global pivCLASS MultiPACS Software Allows Federal Identity Provisioning with Multiple Access Control Systems

HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, announced that  it helps large government agencies and organizations to provision identities across different, unconnected access control systems located throughout geographically dispersed operations.

The pivCLASS MultiPACS software simplifies the process of registering Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials into multiple, disparate physical access control systems (PACS).

Key features of pivCLASS MultiPACS  software  include: eliminates the need to perform separate; multiple registrations into different PACS servers; works seamlessly with other pivCLASS software applications; supports PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, TWIC FRAC and other types of credentials; and can be used to provision access rights into the multiple PACS databases.

A key element of HID pivCLASS portfolio of FIPS 201-based credential registration and verification solutions, MultiPACS was created for government agencies that operate in buildings in several geographic areas, using many different PACS supplied by multiple vendors. Earlier, a cardholder who traveled from a building in Washington, D.C. to a facility in another city would need his or her credential to be separately provisioned at multiple locations, and it would required to physically visit each site for PACS registration before access. MultiPACS allows it to complete it from a single location and access privileges.

“Very few government agencies have standardized on one access control system platform, and of those that have implemented a single platform, many of their systems still remain unconnected in the enterprise,” stated Geri B. Castaldo, vice president of business development, Federal Identity with HID Global.

“MultiPACS enables agencies to provision identities into multiple access control systems simultaneously without cardholders having to visit each site to register their credentials,” Castaldo added.

MultiPACS can get the cardholders’ information by  card data using pivCLASS Registration Engine software for desktop computers (or pivCLASS Mobile Registration Engine software for mobile handheld devices), along with the pivCLASS Certificate Manager, which re-validates public key infrastructure (PKI)-based smart card credentials after PACS registration. This process can also be completed using a data feed from an Identity Management System or Card Management System using pivCLASS IDPublisher software.

MultiPACS enables government agencies to reduce the cost it takes to provision credentials across its organization. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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