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Financial Technology

February 03, 2014

Sinergia Monitors Real-time Service Delivery with NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight

Sinergia is using a solution that blends the prowess of NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight software in order to improve customer service and seamlessly monitor service availability for over 165 rural banks and 2000 ATMs that run on the Banche di Credito Cooperativo network in Italy.

Marco Monti, vice president banking services at Sinergia, said, “Sinergia is now able to extend our service to a larger base of banks, and provide the multi-vendor ATM monitoring, multi-application maintenance and transaction analytics that our customers demand. This enables Sinergia to guarantee ATM availability, identify fraudulent behavior anomalies (such as cash trapping) and deliver undisrupted services to all our customers. The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities, bundled with NCR APTRA Vision, enables this by providing a powerful, cost effective solution that is far superior to any performance monitoring solution on the market today.”

NCR, a provider of consumer transaction technologies, explained that its APTRA Vision solution is more than just a hardware management tool as it is capable of addressing almost any type of consumer-facing, assisted- or self-service device. The solution can analyze and correlate multiple diverse inputs and clearly show the information users need for empowered decision-making.

The INETCO Insight software is specifically designed for IT operations that can capture every network transaction in real-time, correlates all application, infrastructure and response time data. It enables users to effortlessly sort out underperforming applications and network components and removes the need for enterprises to go through tedious and time-intensive manual troubleshooting efforts.

The combined prowess of these two solutions can improve both operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction by decreasing the number of transaction failures or slowdowns which ensures higher ATM availability and help the banking network look into problems before they affect consumers.

With APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight, financial institutions supposedly have incomparable access to data, actionable management insight and control – no matter how complex and busy their network. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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