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Financial Technology

September 12, 2013

Pure Minutes, Intermex Alliance Reinforces Long-term Relationships with their Customers

International calling solutions provider Pure Minutes has announced an alliance with Latin Amrica’s money transfer services provider Intermex Wire Transfers, LLC. In this strategic partnership, Pure Minutes provides communication services to Intermex company store customers throughout the U.S.

According to Intermex, it is the second largest privately held money transfer provider for wires to Mexico and Guatemala and is licensed to operate in 45 states and in more than 1,200 cities with non-exclusive agents and company stores. Intermex said that it is working meticulously to ensure that all financial transactions are handled in a fast, affordable and secure manner.

Per Intermex website, the company caters to the diversified needs of the Latin America corridor and leverages its position as one of the largest payer portfolios in the industry to serve its growing customer network. It’s extensive network includes more than 30,000 foreign payer locations and is one of only three companies in the industry that has the ability to distribute payments in Mexico and Guatemala through its proprietary network.

This new partnership with Pure Minutes is part of Intermex's ongoing commitment to build long-term relationships with their customers by providing value for their money. Intermex CFO Darrell Ebbert stated, "It is important that our customer can not only send money home in a secure manner but can also connect with their loved ones at a lower cost."

In another statement, Eric Ramos, president of Pure Minutes, said, "Our partnership with Intermex will help us reach out to more consumers so they can experience the Pure Minutes signature brand of affordable and high-quality international calling."

Intermex said that this partnership allows Pure Minutes to deliver its signature low international rates directly to the company store network available in the United States. Pure Minutes offers users the ability to make international calls from any phone regardless of the current provider which means users don't have to change their current landline or mobile cell phone number. Subscribed callers simply dial a local access number and through modern "Automatic Caller Identification" software we can recognize a subscribed caller, making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past, said Pure Minutes.

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