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Financial Technology

August 19, 2013

theIRapp Unveils Version 5.0 of Mobile App Technology Platform

theIRapp has released a new version of its mobile native app technology platform, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android (News - Alert) devices. Subscribers along with the professional investment community wanted a solution capable of providing real-time streaming of media across Investor Relations or IR apps. Organizations can now stream audio and video content including conference calls, webinars, live events and presentations in real-time with version 5.0 of theIRapp.

The latest release also includes an extended homepage and an optional log-in and registration preference. Users can now categorize content into custom designed folders and subfolders. The organization has also unveiled a fresh content management system or CMS interface, thereby improving the existing analytics offered by the app. These analytics can be used by organizations to measure app usage and engagement, thereby offering them a higher rein over the content categories and management of their IR apps. 

In a statement, Jeff Corbin, founder, theIRapp said, "The ability to stream live content through theIRapp demonstrates the real power of the native app as a communications platform, and something not available through a mobile optimized website. Given the fact that the mobile device possesses audio, video and telecommunications, theIRapp now provides companies with an ecosystem through which to bring companies together in real time with their targeted audiences, especially investors. theIRapp has an extensive product development pipeline that takes us through 2014. As promised, we will continue to roll out new functionality and enhance our platform on at least a quarterly basis. This is our commitment to being the leading native app communications technology platform on the market for both public and private companies."

The latest release delivers the ability of grouping diverse content types like video, audio, or documents into individual folders inside the app. The latest release also includes a discretionary policy for privacy, confidentiality, etc., which the end user needs to conform to in order to view the content of an organization.

Users with Android and Apple devices can download theIRapp for no extra cost from the Google (News - Alert) Play Market and Apple’s App Store respectively. IR apps, which have been made available via theIRapp, will immediately shift to the latest version of theIRapp.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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