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Financial Technology

June 19, 2013

Civitium Releases New Crowdfunding Application, Crowdfiber

Civitium (News - Alert), LLC, a telecom and engineering consulting firm, recently released a new crowdfunding marketplace application called Crowdfiber. The application is designed to bring together all of the stakeholders in broadband delivery while creating a sustainable gigabit community.

The tool is simple, free and will help people raise funds and handle the increasing demand for advanced high-speed Internet. The format is similar to Kickstarter, a website designed for do-it-yourselfers to raise money for various projects and ideas.

Crowdfiber works similarly. Users interested can check to see if there is already an active campaign in their area and become a backer by donating money through an online payment system. If there is no campaign already happening, then they can create a campaign asking neighbors to back their goals of bringing faster Internet to their community.

“If your campaign is successful, your community will be a giant step closer to having the fastest Internet in the world,” said Crowdfiber.

Greg Richardson (News - Alert), co-founder of Civitium, said it’s essential for users to come together to bring about sustainable Internet. "It's vitally important for service providers to have better tools to aggregate the growing demand for advanced broadband services, and communities need better tools to attract or justify infrastructure investments," said Richardson. "We built CrowdFiber to help people creatively address these challenges."

There are five active campaigns currently running in Baltimore, Md; Lawerence, Kan.; Baldwin City, Kan.; Clarkesville, Ga.; and Rome, Ga. – with more scheduled. Bailey White, Richardson’s co-founder, said he was able to accomplish his goal of releasing Crowdfiber to the world for free through partnerships.

"We're extremely grateful to Habersham EMC (News - Alert) and Parker FiberNet, our private beta customers who've been using CrowdFiber to extend the reach of their middle-mile fiber networks and brought their experience to bear on the creation of the product," said White. "And we're tremendously excited to see what Baltimore, Baldwin City, Lawrence, and the rest of the country will do with our product."

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