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Financial Technology

August 28, 2012

ExaGrid Customer Base Continues to Grow Thanks to GRID

Provider of disk-based backup solutions, ExaGrid Systems recently announced that it is attracting an increasing number of companies with large data sizes and demanding backup requirements. For example, Concur, a travel and expense management solutions provider, relies on ExaGrid to store over 2.5 petabytes of data.

ExaGrid's backup service is scalable and because of this, companies like Concur are turning to this service as their backup needs outstrip the capabilities of their previous backup solutions. In fact, ExaGrid currently boasts more than 15,000 organizations as customers, used by more than 18 million people worldwide.

A large part of ExaGrid's allure and success has to do with its GRID architecture, which provides easy scalability by allowing for additional servers in a grid as data expands. While other disk backup solutions have a front-end server architecture, adding only disk shelves as data grows, this method eventually leads to replacing the front-end server with a more powerful one, which is costly and inefficient. ExaGrid's GRID approach, on the other hand, adds full backup servers complete with memory, processor, disk and bandwidth, never requiring a front-end server upgrade.

"Concur’s situation is common to companies with large data sizes and high data growth rates: Their organizations are plagued by the ‘grow-break-replace’ cycle whereby as data grows, eventually the backup infrastructure breaks and has to be replaced or upgraded," said Marc Crespi, VP of product management for ExaGrid, in a statement. "ExaGrid is the only disk backup solution that solves that problem, and we’re pleased that Concur found almost overnight success with ExaGrid’s proven architecture optimized for backup and restore performance and cost-effective scalability."

Before switching to ExaGrid, Concur was using a disk-based backup device with a single controller, which could be expanded in terms of storage, but not processing power. Because of this, restores were often difficult and slow. After the switch, though, restores are fast, by way of a full copy of Concur's most recent backup in ExaGrid's high-speed landing zone.

According to ExaGrid's second quarter financial results, its customer base continued to grow throughout the quarter, while the introduction of new product capabilities like SecureErase are sure to attract more customers.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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