Expense Management

Expense Management

August 06, 2013

NAFCU Selects ICCS as Preferred Partner for Telecom Expense Consulting

Integrated Communications Consulting Services (ICCS), a telecommunications consulting company, is now NAFCU Services Corporation’s preferred partner for telecommunications expense consulting services. The member-run NAFCU Services Advisory Committee selected ICCS as its preferred partner after conducting rigorous reviews of its features.

David Frankil, president of NAFCU Services Corporation, said, “The future of telecommunications is becoming increasingly more complex as credit unions have to manage the integration of existing communication technology with new technologies, such as network, cloud-based services and mobile. Voice, data and cloud-based networks are a critical component of the business operations of credit unions and a major operations expense. The NAFCU Services Advisory Committee saw this as a program that can help credit unions of any size – simply by allowing ICCS to perform a free audit of your bills, credit unions can achieve dramatic reductions in overall communications expenses.”

Telecommunication technology is said to be constantly changing, which results in new services and cost savings. Credit unions can realize the benefits of new services and cost saving only if they compare and contrast their providers’ solutions against their needs at all times along with thoroughly going through telecom bills. Because of that credit unions everywhere are supposedly feeling increased pressure to manage expenses prudently.

ICCS claimed that it provides free telecom consulting and cost saving services to credit unions by reviewing their voice, data, network and cloud-based telecommunications services. Its free consulting includes analyzing credit unions’ telecommunications bills to provide an analysis of cost savings and typical ICCS customers are estimated to save an average of 25 percent on their telecommunication expenses annually.

Officials with ICCS exclaimed that they feel privileged to be working alongside NAFCU and welcome the opportunity to help credit unions to save money.

Some of the notable benefits that credit unions can enjoy by deploying ICCS solutions are: scale up or down without being concerned with infrastructure constraints; lower capital and maintenance expenses driven by a reduction in internal needs; decrease in operating costs; state-of-the-art data center design and industry expertise; and more.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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