Expense Management

Expense Management

July 12, 2013

Companies Can Rely on Tangoe to Manage Their Telecom Systems

Our generation has witnessed a significant increase in the scope of global communication, as well as the mode and speed of communication. The business world has been the place where these significant improvements have caused the most impact. Companies across the world are looking for solutions and systems that will enable them to not only improve their global communications but also control overall costs. 

Tangoe (News - Alert) has recognized this and has dedicated its mission to creating software that will assist companies with lifecycle management of their communications assets. Some of the services offered by Tangoe include sourcing, inventory, planning, use management, accounting and also procurement and asset disposal.

In a statement, CEO Albert Subbloie of Tangoe said, "Mobile devices have proliferated. When you have thousands of employees carrying mobile devices and needing access to the corporate systems, and with all the changing plans and the many carrier relationships throughout the world, add tablets to the mix, [it] complicates it even further. The requirement to manage the asset, the expenses and the usage on those devices is something that most companies have a very difficult time doing. And as a result of that, they spend too much money. And if you consider the employee needing to be connected to the enterprise, without that connection you're not productive today. Not having the right device, the right time, the right plan, the corporate access to applications, makes for a company not as competitive as another."

One of the key solutions from Tangoe is the Managed Mobility Solutions (MMS) solution, which focuses on advising clients on the numerous aspects of their communication needs and then going on to give them the right information to make a long term profitable decision. The solution also includes activating and managing the mobile devices of the employees, together with real-time use and expense management and 24/7 support.

Currently, Tangoe confirms that out of the global enterprise total telecom spending of $425 billion, Tangoe is in charge of $24 billion and firmly believes that it can contribute more value to the industry at large. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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