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Expense Management

March 19, 2013

PayAnywhere, PTO Today Partnership: a Boon for Today's Cashless Society

A media company and a service provider, PTO Today, the number-one resource for school parent groups, has decided to enter into a partnership with PayAnywhere, which is powering a payments revolution with its enterprise-grade, “pay-as-you-go” mobile payments system.

It serves school parent groups across the United States and acts as a trusted voice for both local PTOs and PTAs, both of which are parent teacher organizations. It claims to be the only company dedicated exclusively to providing a full suite of products, programs and services to the entire K-8 school parent group market for a variety of K-8 sponsored events.

This is rather significant and relevant in today’s increasingly cashless society, as it makes collecting funds at school-related events much easier.

“People are carrying less cash these days, but that doesn’t mean parent groups have to miss out on making a sale, receiving a donation, or collecting dues on time,” said Gene Schenberg, vice president of sales at PayAnywhere.

Tim Sullivan (News - Alert), founder at PTO Today, noted that for busy parents, “time is always at a premium and convenience is key.” Hence, the partnership with PayAnwhere is expected to enable the collection of dues or field trip fees to be made via a credit or debit card.

The whole process becomes quicker, with no messy cash to handle and considerably less paper work.

PayAnywhere’s comprehensive mobile payment solution is available to the more than 83,000 K-8 PTO and PTA leaders of America, which makes it very simple for PTO Today members to accept payments from their smartphones and tablets.

This mode of payment is easy and safe, ensures the automatic transfer of funds into the parent group’s account, saves a lot of precious time, and eliminates the hassles of keeping track of cash. And to cap it all, there’s no need to make out receipts for payments, as even this is electronically done.

The other advantage is that PTOs and PTAs using PayAnywhere just have to pay a low 2.69-percent fee for swiped transactions, with funds being deposited in merchant accounts just as shortly. There are no hidden fees, no setup, and no monthly or cancellation fees.

PayAnywhere, the professional grade mobile point of sale solutions provider, announced the launch of its nationwide retail channel, and as a result, business owners and professional contractors can now find PayAnywhere mobile credit card readers on shelves and pegs at stores where they already shop for their business needs.            

Edited by Braden Becker

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