Expense Management

Expense Management

February 06, 2013

Insperity Unveils Insperity ExpensView

Insperity, Inc. has unveiled Insperity ExpensView, a part of Insperity ExpensAble Corporate. Insperity ExpensAble Corporate is one of the finest expense management Software-as-a-Service solutions available.

Current and new customers of Insperity ExpensAble Corporate can evaluate this ground-breaking platform for free for a period of 3 months. Insperity ExpensView produces in-depth information on an organization’s travel and entertainment or T&E expenditures. Mid-market and enterprise clients are also provided the services of an Insperity analyst, who scrutinizes the information.

In a statement, John Tangredi, President, Expense Management Division, Insperity said, “Insperity ExpensView offers transparency and key information about how a customer’s employees are using their T&E budget. Our responsibility is to interpret the information and provide advice to the customer, enabling smart business decisions. For example, if many employees are violating a per diem policy, perhaps they need better training, the per diem may need to be increased or the policy itself should be changed.”

 Analysis of system statistics like login procedures and receipt imaging sources are incorporated in Insperity ExpensView. The offering also analyzes report metrics, like the number of reports produced, spotting high-volume expense filers and approvers and settlement approval time. Insperity ExpensView breaks down spending by payment procedure, expense type, merchant, location and department. The platform also offers an analysis of policy compliance by tracking the majority of everyday warnings and violators.

For every organization, T&E expenditures normally form a considerable percentage of the budget. Customers can now ensure efficient expenses by using the tools offered by Insperity ExpensView. These tools also help in uncovering employee deceptions.

The expense report process is computerized and simplified by Insperity ExpensAble, allowing organizations to reduce expenses and input travel policies. Organizations are also offered improved visibility into expenses by Insperity ExpensAble. Apart from simplifying intricate expense administration, organizations can now save money on travel and entertainment spending, thereby experiencing decreased expense report processing overheads. Organizations having 10 to 5,000 users will find the Insperity ExpensAble Corporate platform ideal.

For over 26 years, an assortment of human resources and business solutions are offered by Insperity. These offerings have assisted in enhancing business performance for major companies in America. The organization currently has 56 offices across the country.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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