Expense Management

Expense Management

January 23, 2013

Take Control of Your Finances with LifeCounts Financial Management Platform

Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us are caught up in the throes of daily management of our finances, and though financial management has seen greater adoption in recent years, it does present challenges that sometimes fox individuals.

To make handling finances easier and more palatable, HowellCorp, the provider of financial products and services has launched LifeCounts, an online personal financial management platform, which reportedly promises to empower users with greater transparency and control.

"With LifeCounts, we set out to create an intuitive, secure and private platform free from data selling and advertising, where a user can view their entire financial life, receive unbiased advice and feel comfortable managing their money," said Nicholas Howell , CEO and founder of HowellCorp.

This robust and intuitive platform claims to not only provide easy and secure access to financial information but also advises users on how to save and spend wiser. It does this by allowing individuals to securely link all their financial accounts, track their financial progress, identify spending trends, avoid financial pitfalls and proactively manage and control their finances.

A simple, one-time setup is all that is required to get going. Users will receive sound financial guidance, budgeting tips and tools that will bring their entire financial life into comprehensive focus. 

"Our team believes that every person is capable of achieving financial peace of mind. In this time of continued economic turmoil, we are excited to deliver a service that empowers its users with greater clarity and control," added Howell.

LifeCounts also gives good reasons as to why it considers itself the best:  it’s an advertising free experience that doesn’t outsource or share any data with third parties, all user information is securely stored on company-owned and operated servers, it provides users with meaningful insights about their financial lives, and as a consumer advocate, it states that it is a ‘safe haven’ for its users.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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