Expense Management

Expense Management

November 21, 2012

Vivantech Develops Kuali Mobile App for Expense Management

Vivantech, a provider of open-source software, international networks, security and related components and solutions, has developed the Vivantech Kuali DVQE (Disbursement Voucher Quick Expense) mobile app that facilitates university personnel to easily manage the reimbursement of their travel and non-travel expenses. The DVQE Mobile App is built on the Kuali Mobility Enterprise (KME) framework; an enterprise class mobility platform and set of mobile tools for higher education.

With the new DVQE system, all documents associated with each expense submission or voucher can be easily managed. These include the details and background of each expense, the purpose and nature of the business trip, an explanation of why some of the expenses may have gone over the maximum allowance and account information. Each voucher going through the approval process has four possible conclusions that will decide the routing outcome. The reviewer can approve the voucher and send to the next node in routing, they can disapprove it and deny the request, they can return it to the initiator and start the routing all over or they can return the voucher to the previous reviewer.

Randy Ozden, president and CEO at Vivantech, said, “This new DVQE Mobile App handles the coordination of all expense vouchers. It routes them through the appropriate succession of personnel for review and approvals, providing all of the information necessary to make informed decisions.”

Recently, Navigator Management Partners and VivanTech received a contract to support the University of Maryland in its implementation of the Kuali Financial System. The Navigator Management Partners and VivanTech group will manage the university's migration from its current Financial Record System to KFS. This implementation project is set for completion Aug. 1, 2013.

The university will use KFS's General Ledger/Financial Processing, Purchasing/Accounts Payable and Capital Assets open-source applications and Web-based documents to achieve its objective, seamlessly replacing and improving upon the functionality currently residing in its FRS application.

The Kuali Foundation, of which Navigator Management Partners and VivanTech are commercial affiliates, is a cooperative of institutions of higher learning and commercial firms that collaborate with other Kuali Foundation members in building and sustaining open-source administrative software for higher education.

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