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September 07, 2012

Reverb Receives Patent for SON-based Interference Detection Techniques

Reverb Networks has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its Self-Optimizing Network, or SON-based Interference Detection techniques. Measurements from mobile devices, which are a major part of SON-based network optimization for UMTS and LTE (News - Alert) wireless networks, have been utilized by the computerized interference detection techniques from Reverb.

Following the acknowledgement of the Minimization of Drive Test, or MDT principle, in budding 3GPP technical specification, Reverb was awarded the patent for interference detection with USPTO number 8,229,363.

The extremely prolonged and manual process of testing mobiles and receivers in a coordinated drive test environment is utilized for spotting out normal interference sources in mobile networks. Reverb’s intellectual property has proposed a technique of recognizing and ranking interference sources using the MDT principles of computerizing data collection from OSS and standard device-based measurements. Reverb’s InteliSON is a completely computerized, closed-loop, KPI-driven SON offering. The Interference Reduction feature of InteliSON, which helps in enhancing overall C/I within identified Critical Zones, makes use of these technologies.

In a release, Magnus Friberg, CEO of Reverb Networks said, “The interference detection patent award bolsters Reverb’s IPR portfolio in SON technology. This award, combined with our other issued and pending patents, demonstrates Reverb’s unique technology for automating network optimization with our InteliSON platform. We will continue to drive innovation in SON technology as we further deploy our leading edge solutions in 3G and 4G networks worldwide.”

Reverb Networks is a major developer of intelligent SON solutions. Mobile network operators can utilize these computerized, constant and antenna-based SON solutions to experience enhanced operational and spectral competences.

Networks of Mobile Network Operators are considerably improved with Reverb’s InteliSON. Apart from enhancing network coverage and capacity, InteliSON’s numerous and proactive self-optimization techniques augments spectral competences. Operators in collaboration with Reverb are able to capitalize on the performance of their wireless network in a resourceful manner, thereby resulting in decreased OpEx and CapEx. Load Balancing, Interference Reduction and Self-Healing for both UMTS and LTE network technologies are provided by Reverb’s SON applications.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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