Expense Management

Expense Management

May 02, 2012

ImageSoft Case Study Tells How Farm Bureau of Michigan Saved Money Switching to Digital Filing

Document and process management solutions provider, ImageSoft Inc., recently released a case study which outlines how workflow solutions provided by the company helped improve processes at the Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan, allowing it to serve customers with greater efficiency. The Lansing, Michigan-insurance company was also able to realize a return on its investment in ImageSoft's technology in less than a year.

As stated in the case study, the Farm Bureau of Michigan's response time to customer inquiries about their pending claims was initially bogged down by paper-based processes in the claims department. In seeking a solution to this issue, the Farm Bureau eventually found its way to ImageSoft in hopes of a solution.

ImageSoft began installation of an OnBase electronic content management (ECM) system and worked closely with the Farm Bureau to ensure the streamlining and automation of its processes went smoothly. Eventually, all necessary documents were converted from paper to digital documents.

It didn't take long for the new OnBase system to improve the office's efficiency: customer service was improved, process efficiency went up and decision making was faster. Furthermore, costs came down due to the elimination of printing and handling of thousands of faxes.

In the first six months alone with the OnBase system, the Farm Bureau estimated that it saved more than $222,000, leading to a full return on its investment within a year.

"Michigan Farm Bureau's leadership were very proactive in their efforts to improve the overall customer experience,” ImageSoft president Scott Bade said of the case study. “The value of document management and workflow to an insurance company like Michigan Farm Bureau is felt across the enterprise and is often revolutionary."

ImageSoft has been providing document and process management solutions since 1996. Last month, the company announced a Channel Sales Partnership contract with GlobalWise Investments. In March, ImageSoft was selected as a winner of the Kofax Transform Award for Innovative Use of Technologies. Its solutions like OnBase and TrueFiling, an e-filing solution for attorneys, have saved money for companies around the world.

Edited by Braden Becker

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