Expense Management

Expense Management

March 29, 2012

Info Enables Graham-White to Complete Budgeting and Reporting Quickly

Infor recently announced that Graham-White Manufacturing Company has deployed its Infor10 Corporate Performance Management (PM10). Graham-White is an international manufacturer of transportation valves and accessories and will leverage the PM10 system to obtain better budgeting and reporting, which will be made possible by having accurate, meticulous planning together with a faster company-wide budget submissions and approval process.

Infor is a global provider of business application software and helped Graham-White to deploy the PM10 ahead of schedule and below the stipulated budget. The PM10 application helps businesses to use their existing systems to quickly consolidate and analyze new financial information. This will also allow Graham-White to be better prepared for future expansion or acquisitions, as the company will be able to access the relevant financial data on a fast track basis.

In a release, Niki Justice, manager of Financial Analysis, Graham-White Manufacturing Company said, “With our previous financial performance management application, users had to frequently submit requests to the finance department, and individual business units did not have the capability to enter their own budgeting information. With the extensive budgeting and reporting functionality in Infor10 Corporate Performance Management, each department enters its own budgeting information and users can complete tasks without submitting requests to the finance department, which has significantly accelerated processes and lightened the load for our finance decision-makers.”

The company confirmed that since implementing the PM10 system each business division is now responsible for updating its own budgeting data, which reduces the time taken analyzing and            approving budgets, thereby allowing the finance department to focus on other key tasks.

Rod Radojevic, director of product management, Performance Management, Infor said, “Infor10 Corporate Performance Management enables businesses to control costs through greater insight into operations and departmental spending. In today's global economy, every dollar counts more than ever, and Corporate Performance Management provides the budgeting, reporting and analysis power to help ensure that more dollars are being spent to generate revenue for the company, and not on inefficient reporting and analysis.”

In other news from October 2011, Infor announced that BDO Audit & Assurance B.V., an accounting, tax, financial advisory and consulting organization, certified Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) compliant.

BDO's certification is the result of an extensive audit of the IFRS compliance capabilities, reliability and continuity in Infor10 Financials Business. The certification demonstrates the ability of the solution to enable companies to adhere or transition to IFRS standards and sustain compliance over time.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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