Expense Management

Expense Management

March 12, 2012

Taulia Values Supplier Discounts, Featured in PayStream Advisors Report

A PayStream Advisors report titled "Dynamic Discount Management: Finding the Treasure in Treasury" highlighted Taulia, noting that its Invoicement Suite is an ideal solution for companies who want to capture potential discount savings from suppliers.

"The PayStream Advisors Report validates that dynamic discounting is a business-critical need in today's economic conditions,” Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia, said in a press release. “However, many solutions put the financial burden on suppliers by charging them to be part of the buyer's online invoicing and payment solution in addition to asking them to take discounts on their invoices. Taulia balances the needs of buyers and suppliers by giving them both an easy way to process invoices and payments, free of charge to suppliers, while companies can save millions of dollars in captured discounts. We put the trust and ease back into the buyer/supplier relationship."

PayStream Advisors polled finance and Accounts Payable (AP) professionals for the report about optimizing the financial supply chain and capturing discounts from suppliers. According to the study, 84% of AP professionals rank the capability to capture discounts as a priority. But only 25% of companies do so consistently. The report stated the manual routing of invoices, lengthy approval cycles and decentralized invoice receipts as top reasons why supplier discounts go unrealized.

Taulia's Vendor Portal offers companies a cloud-based solution for capturing invoices electronically. It supports centralizing the invoicing and approval process for faster approval review and approval cycles. Suppliers can check details about when the invoice is scheduled to be paid. They get the opportunity to accelerate payment on-demand, eliminating the need for costly receivable financing or credit card borrowing.

At the same time, consumers are discounted on the supplier invoice for early payment. This allows the customers to save millions of dollars annually using vibrant payment terms for their suppliers. Taulia's Vendor Portal also reduces collection costs, eliminating the need for inquiries by offering 24-7 visibility and comprehensive self-services, all free of charge.

"Large companies are constantly seeking opportunities to improve returns on short term investments, while small businesses need to improve cash-flow without expensive factoring or financing solutions,” explained Henry Ijams, managing director of PayStream Advisors. “As Dynamic Discounting grows to bridge the gap in the financial supply chain between large buyers and their suppliers, Taulia is emerging as one of the top companies to watch in this market. That is why we included them in our current report as one of the leading Dynamic Discounting solutions."

Recent news reported that Coca-Cola was one to have selected Taulia's Invoicement Suite in efforts to improve supplier relationships and reduce costs.


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