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Governance, Risk & Compliance

February 12, 2013

Apigee Insights Takes API Analytics to a Completely New Level

With mobile devices getting increasingly powerful with each release, online business transactions are growing exponentially, as ease of use encourages for more interaction with service providers. However, the new trend rips the control of transaction data from service providers’ hands, denying them the ability to make accurate business decisions based on data analysis.

But Apigee, a creator of Application Programming Interfaces (API) helping individual companies develop their own APIs, has come up with the Apigee Insights to solve this problem. The platform is a means of giving businesses access to this dynamic yet important transaction trends data.

The platform allows businesses to collect and analyze huge volumes of data from external sources like APIs, apps, social and mobile ecosystems, and then analyze it to derive conclusions that can help management officers make better decisions.

Many enterprises that conduct business online allow third-party applications to interface with users and their actual services. The only connection such organizations have to their customers is through the API they have laid out to manage the creation of the apps.

Apigee Insights enters the divide to cement the gap and relate data from third-party apps against companies’ statistical data.

By using a multichannel data aggregator, analytical accelerators and distributed processing engines, the platform easily delivers comprehensive analytics of relevant data. Coupled with its ability to scale and adapt to changing volumes of data to analyze, the platform has the capacity to provide real-time data necessary in the rollout of experiments, using the results to make immediate necessary changes.

Currently, the closest you can get to this amazing Apigee Insights platform is by purchasing an introductory piece offered as a technology and services solution at $5,000 per month. The package will come with Analytic Accelerators, packing sample data models and user interfaces to help customers see into their developer adoption and client behavior in the shortest time possible.

With the launch of Apigee Insight, Apigee now builds on its portfolio of API solutions. Not only does it simplify the decision making of the managers in the hundreds of companies that already run its solutions, but in the opinion of Michele Turner, chief product officer at mBlox (News - Alert), it also “takes API analytics to a completely new level.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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