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February 08, 2013

NTT Com Group Announces Launch of its Information Security Event Management Technology

NTT (News - Alert) Com Group, a joint venture in information and communications technology and security management, announced the launch of its Security Information Event Management (SIEM) technology to enable organizations worldwide in detecting and analyzing security threats.

The advanced SIEM technology is capable of detecting and evaluating the level of security risks via sophisticated Automatic Correlation Analysis. It highlights advanced technologies from NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, especially designed to diagnose the targeted attacks through prolonged monitoring, and a high-performance Blacklist Generation Engine that can effectively detect malicious websites. SIEM also incorporates an extensive Security Information database for organizations to leverage globally.

The advent and increasing popularity of advanced smartphones and tablet PCs, in addition to cloud technologies, have made it exceptionally easier to create IT environments globally. However, this has also led to enhanced security threats like malicious viruses, unauthorized access and information leaks. Security threats from different sources have emerged as acute problems that demand instant solutions for IT environments.

The SIEM technology is initially scheduled to be launched as an advanced Security Service Platform in the United States and Japan in March, 2013. The company’s Security Operation Centers in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway, and Sweden are also planned to be reorganized as Global Risk Operation Centers. These reorganized security centers of NTT Com Group will provide extensive security monitoring to the organizations, managed by proficient risk analysts.

The NTT Com Group is responsible for managing security risks in Information and Communication Technology environments for its global client base, including proven consulting methodologies, continuous monitoring and upgrade of the system. This advanced methodology incorporates Analysis of GCR in an organizational environment, followed by an evaluation based on 12 benchmarking systems, which include asset management and compliance. Next to evaluation, NTT Com Group will compare the figures with the average level provided for the industry and determine the gaps. The methodology further includes goal setting, planning for improvement, implementation of the plan, and continuous monitoring via secure operations.

By integrating the SIEM engine into its existing service offerings like Managed Security Services, security risk consulting, Mobile Device Management, and security management systems, the company plans to leverage the platform for introducing advanced total risk management services. It will incorporate extensive consultation and operation to evaluate, improve, and monitor any form of security risks in its client’s Information and Communications Technology environments.

In this regard, Akira Arima, CEO, NTT Communications (News - Alert), remarked, the SIEM technology will function as a global Security Service Platform to enable NTT Com Group to provide extended services for area-specific security risks.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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