Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

September 13, 2012

Integration of DVTEL and VidSys Platforms will Offer Greater Risk Management

Millions of surveillance cameras are deployed around the country and since 9/11 the number has increased dramatically with no slowing down in sight. Capturing an image is only one part of an effective surveillance system. With the addition of sophisticated software cameras become a better tool to provide critical information when the naked eye is not able to see what is being viewed. The integration of DVTEL and VidSys will give organizations that rely on video, powerful tools to process their content effectively.

The VidSys software platform has an open platform that allows for integration with the majority of security systems and devices with dynamic geospatial mapping that enables precise location mapping with relevant location data. The system has an intelligent data correlation capability from different system to identify situations with an automated presentation of standard operations procedures. If and when there is an event the software puts into place a standard operating procedure until there is a resolution.

The modular platform is able to adapt to changes as situations take place. The interface is a browser based Web interface for easy collaboration with different organizations and personnel with mobile data sharing and dynamic reporting.

“We are excited to be taking this step with VidSys. PSIM is incorporating more open systems than ever before, and we want our customers to benefit from that as much as possible as it eases installation complexities, this integration will allow us to marry our best-in-class Latitude NVMS with VidSys' industry-leading platform, which will benefit the end user with ease-of-use, a streamlined workflow and enhanced capabilities,” said Yoav Stern, president and CEO, DVTEL.

DVTEL specializes in the creation, development and delivery of multi source intelligence systems over IP networks. It provides a solution for customers who need intelligent security with the data they collect from different sources so it can be implemented and applied to protect, change and create new policies for the organization.

“The integration of both companies’ systems will greatly benefit end users, who are increasingly drawn to the flexible features and options of open systems, by working closely with DVTEL, we provide customers with a layered security management system that delivers enhanced usability and greater situational awareness to manage risks,” said Mike O’Dea, VP, Business Partnerships, VidSys

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is a security management protocol with outlined processes and use of technology for reporting and managing personal security. The right PSIM implementation allows security services to be more efficient with better accountability system in place.

The increasing number of surveillance cameras means the right information management system has to be in place to sift through the countless hours of uneventful information being gathered. By using a system with intuitive software and the best hardware to gather the data public and private organization will be able to protect and serve their interests better.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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