Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

April 13, 2012

Risk Management Provider OpenGamma Unveils Latest Platform

The new OpenGamma Platform 1.0 from OpenGamma, a source of open-source analytics and risk management platforms for the financial services industry, provides a completely open architecture to improve critical trading and risk analysis of traders, quants and risk managers.

With the new analytics and risk management platform, users can quickly customize the platform, integrate with existing legacy systems and applications and modify source code in real time, allowing firms to tailor system performance, maximize IT resources and significantly reduce costs.

"Today's financial services landscape is increasingly complex and unpredictable, and firms must contend with industry-wide calls for greater accountability and transparency. Global hedge funds and asset managers need open, customizable solutions that can easily evolve with the market," said Kirk Wylie, founder and CEO of OpenGamma.

According to Wylie, OpenGamma Platform creates a new way for financial services firms to interact with their technology as they develop the analytic applications critical to their traders and risk managers. The latest version offers a stable, customizable vendor-supported solution to handle complex calculations, ensure compliance and cement competitive advantage with easily available source code.

Enhancements offered in OpenGamma's 1.0 platform include an open-source Bloomberg (News - Alert) module, enhanced visualization capabilities, R integration module and customizable database masters. 

The open-source Bloomberg module gives anyone with a valid Bloomberg terminal or Server API instances the ability to directly access Bloomberg data from within the OpenGamma Platform. Through an upgraded Web User Interface (WebUI), users have the ability to visualize market and trade data from multiple live sources and integrate security time series data into security views.

With support for R, the platform has improved analytics capabilities. The module also empowers users to manipulate market data at various levels and create custom securities and portfolios.

Expanded database functionality also covers new asset classes, including inflation products, equity variance swaps, FX futures and digital FX options. With these features, users can customize metadata on portfolios, positions, trades and securities.

Another recent development in the financial technology industry shows BlackLine Systems, a provider of enterprise software solutions for accounting and finance departments, announced it signed a new agreement with the company for comprehensive solutions, extending its alliance with KPMG LLP, a U.S.-based audit, tax and advisory firm.

Edited by Braden Becker

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