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Governance, Risk & Compliance

March 06, 2012

Hedgeweek Selects PerTrac as Best Risk Management Software Provider

Hedgeweek, the hedge fund industry's portal has recognized PerTrac, a provider of analytics, reporting and communications software for investment professionals as the best software provider in risk management. PerTrac has received this honor from Hedgeweek for the second consecutive year and this recognition is the outcome of a small survey (polling) done by Global Fund Media, the parent company of Hedgeweek.

 According to a press release, Global Fund Media polled 41,000 readers, including over 5,800 institutional investors and took their opinion on the best hedge fund performers and service providers during 2011.

The results of Hedgeweek Awards 2011 were based on over 1,300 responses that they received. The winners were those companies that got the greatest number of votes in their category. This recognition was totally based on reader’s choice.

Founded in 1996, PerTrac offers software solutions for investment professionals at the fund-level of investing including pensions, family offices, hedge funds, long-only managers, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, funds of funds and industry service providers. 

PerTrac software solutions are used by more than 1,400 organizations in 50 countries and these solutions help organizations to maximize returns, reduce risk and operate more efficiently.

“The continued adoption of PerTrac RiskPlus by investment professionals demonstrates the global need for an affordable, powerful and user-friendly way to identify risk in portfolios that include traditional and alternative investment funds,” said Brendan Dolan, president of PerTrac.

“To be given this award again is yet another acknowledgment that PerTrac has developed solutions that address the market's heightened need for carefully analyzing risk in less transparent asset classes,” he added.

PerTrac RiskPlus, a joint development project with FinAnalytica, is fully integrated into PerTrac Analytics, allows the consumers to manage both their traditional and alternative investments. This RiskPlus analytics shows gains vs. losses across all investments types.

It gives portfolio managers and risk professionals to understand and multifaceted reports that break down a portfolio's risk and return components. It enables investors to see the magnitude of, losses of all investment types and display funds that may deserve greater allocations. It classifies funds that are problematic and how a portfolio can be expected to perform during market shock scenarios.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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