Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

April 27, 2011

Local Risk Management Firms Get More Traffic with DeclareMedia's Listing

Local Risk Management firms now have help in getting noticed and having traffic directed to their Websites. DeclareMedia, which manages thousands of online business directories has opened a new online Internet directory that is expected to list Risk Management firms for free.

Company officials at DeclareMedia say that listing businesses online in the firm's directories increases the chances of getting traffic, which will ultimately translate into increased sales and revenue. This will help businesses improve their Website's rankings in search engines.

Although a listing is free, paying $20 a month will ensure that businesses will get a featured placement listing on the homepage itself. This means that more traffic will eventually be directed to their Websites. It only takes two minutes to create a free listing with a featured placement listing taking a little longer.

In today's scenario, where maintaining a competitive edge is important and where maximizing profits is the bottom line, DeclareMedia's efforts to help local Risk Management Firms with their multiple directories has helped them get the clients they need over the Web.

With clients looking for the best risk management firm that can help them with their goals, objectives, their risk and budget, DeclareMedia's listing will help customers minimize financial loss and make the most of their assets. Thus the firms can improve the financial liability of the customers, sources say.

DeclareMedia plans to add to its list of directories in the next few weeks. Getting listed in one of DeclareMedia's directories is easy. Identify the right directory and then click “Get Listed For Free” in the upper right corner. Then fill out the form and you're listed.

In case none of the directories really suit the specific needs of a customer, all they have to do is make a suggestion for a new directory. Within a few days, the directory will be added.

In another news story, DeclareMedia announced the launching of its affiliate program that is expected to help business owners and SEO professionals get an opportunity to share revenue with DeclareMedia.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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