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Financial Technology

August 02, 2013

Agari Releases Email TrustIndex for Q2 2013

Agari has made public the Email TrustIndex for the second quarter of 2013. Consumers and brands can use the TrustIndex for gaining information regarding industries with the maximum risk of e-mail cyber-attack. The TrustIndex also mention organizations that have conscientiously safeguarded e-mail, thereby securing consumer information and brand status.

Quite a few consumers are ignorant of the fact that the majority of data violations commence with a phishing e-mail. Consumers are also not well informed regarding the industries offering the best security.

Data collected from April to June has been used to generate the Email TrustIndex for the second quarter. As per the data collected, with an aim to protect customers from cyber-attacks, an increasing number of organizations are implementing e-mail security. Agari has reported enhancement across a broad array of industries.

According to TrustIndex, financial services still continue to remain at high risk for malicious activities. As compared to the last quarter, the susceptibility of the financial services sector has increased by 100 percent. Other high risk sectors include Travel, where only 50 percent of companies analyzed have implemented authentication for e-mails. Only one travel organization has initiated the process of deploying DMARC for thwarting phishing attacks.

In a statement, Patrick Peterson, founder and CEO of Agari, said, “Over the last 90 days, we are slowly seeing a change of behavior by various industries as they have begun to more aggressively focus on e-mail authentication and security to protect their email channel and minimize their risk of attack. Cybercriminals are also increasing their level of sophistication and shifting techniques to defraud consumers so it is more important than ever that companies remain vigilant to protect consumers and their brands from malicious activity.”

According to the Q2 Email TrustIndex, implementation of e-mail security is the highest in the social media sector. As compared to the last quarter, Logistics has reported minor improvements in this quarter after the well-exposed phishing attack in April. The maximum enhancement of 9 percent was reported by the e-commerce sector, after the assertive development of e-mail validation programs by industry professionals. The latest sector reviewed by Agari Email TrustIndex was Online Gaming, which was rated as one of the bad performing sectors collectively.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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