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Financial Technology

April 18, 2013

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant Deploys Westbrook's Fortis Software for Improving Efficiencies

Westbrook Technologies, a provider of solutions for managing document- and data-intensive processes in compliance-centric industries, stated that its Fortis Software will be utilized to enhance the accounting systems of Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant and, by improving workflow, bring down operational costs.

According to Westbrook, Fortis is a powerful enterprise content and document management software that can electronically capture, store, and organize documents, data, and images. The software enables immediate and reliable access to critical information whenever and wherever it’s needed and promotes efficient knowledge sharing by allowing easy retrieval, editing, annotating, and distribution of documents.

Stephanie Vasquez, a business systems analyst with Harris Farms stated, “We were having problems with paperwork getting lost or misplaced and, of course, we wanted to reduce duplicate entry and improve the billing process. Using Fortis, we will save the equivalent of one full-time salary annually by reducing the time it takes AP clerks to manually input the 3,500 invoices that they process weekly. In addition, Fortis can collate invoices associated with a specific check in just 10 minutes – a process that previously took an AP clerk up to 8 hours. The check approval process has also been reduced to 15 minutes from a previous two- to three-day timeframe”.

Einar Haukeland, CEO at Westbrook exclaimed, “Companies such as Harris Farms have realized tremendous cost-savings by implementing a solution that facilitates key cash flow operations such as AP and AR. Fortis helps companies in the hospitality sector streamline their document management handling and improve workflow so that resources can be better allocated and utilized”.

Some of the notable benefits of Fortis software are: increased productivity and optimized work flow; shortened business process cycles; enhanced customer service; reduced operating and administrative costs; and more.

In related news, Pacific Northwest’s largest school district enrolled Westbrook Fortis to reduce document retrieval time. Also, Westbrook Fortis received ONC-ATCB Certification by Drummond Group.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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