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Financial Technology

February 25, 2013

Multi-IMSI Roaming Hub Launched by Telecom North America for MNOs and MVNOs

Telecom North America, a privately held, spectrum-based mobile operator and interexchange carrier has recently launched multi-IMSI roaming hub, a roaming services trading platform which will revolutionize the sector. It will allow MNOs, Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs, Mobile Virtual Network Operators the world over to increase revenues by lowering the costs of trading roaming services from one another.

Established MNOs can generate incremental income by using the platform to resell their outbound international roaming agreements to other members without incurring CAPEX expenses. Full MVNOs can resell their services in their home countries to other members who need it and generate additional income.

The platform provides them a way to increase their roaming footprint. The MNOs and MNVOs can now access lower rates for outbound roaming in different countries and they can then provide attractive roaming packages to their own subscribers. This way they will be able to compete more effectively on their home turf.

"Attractive roaming offers are often key to gaining and retaining the lucrative VIP or business customer segment which roams heavily and generates the highest ARPUs," says Jean Gottschalk, president of Telecom North America. "MNOs and MVNOs from North America, Europe and the Middle East have already been trading services on the hub during our pre-launch phase, proving that there is an increasing need from the industry to optimize outbound roaming costs for the benefit of consumers."

The worldwide trading Multi-IMSI roaming hub will prove to be very useful. It uses optimal CAMEL routing, multi-IMSI capable SIM cards, dynamic over-the-air provisioning of IMSIs and multi-MSISDN capabilities

The service has also been extended to CDMA operators as the Multi-IMSI roaming hub has built-in inter-standard interworking capabilities. With the help of its revolutionary platform Telecom North America aims at reducing international roaming costs by facilitating trade-offs where everyone benefits- the industry and the end-users.

Unlike a single-IMSI open connectivity roaming hub, the Telecom North America’s multi-IMSI roaming hub provides worldwide coverage instantly. With set IOTs the need for cumbersome negotiations is negated and there is no need for complicated IREG testing procedures too.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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