Financial Technology

Financial Technology

February 22, 2013

AOptix, Anova Technologies Team to Serve Financial Market with Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Communications Network

AOptix and Anova Technologies have recently formed a strategic partnership to deliver ultra-low latency wireless communications networks specifically to the financial industry.

As per the new agreement, AOptix will be the sole provider of technology and equipment to the partnership. AOptix will offer its wireless communications technology and Anova will spearhead the sales, marketing and network design of these ultra-low latency networks.

Dean Senner, Chairman and CEO at AOptix, said that other wireless technologies currently used by the financial industry have critical limitations.

“AOptix’ solution incorporates a set of disruptive technologies that deliver a combination of benefits the financial market requires and no one else can match—multi-gigabit bandwidth, long link distance, ultra-low latency and carrier-grade availability. AOptix technology represents the future of wireless communications which will benefit financial services and many other markets,” he said.

Both companies have agreed to introduce their first network in the New York-New Jersey metro region, and later grow to other major financial markets around the world. The companies expect to complete the deployment of the New York-New Jersey route in the first half of 2013.

“Market trades today are primarily executed by computers and measured in microseconds,” said Mike Persico, founder and CEO at Anova Technologies. “The speed and competitiveness of the industry are driving demand for faster, more direct and more reliable networks.”

Persico said they’re working with AOptix to build a new class of high-speed wireless networks that provide the performance and availability their clients require. They’re also seeing strong demand for them, and have already have commitments from clients who want to be first to deploy these networks.

Anova’s proprietary networks span all major exchanges throughout the U.S., Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, and South America.

Edited by Braden Becker

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