Financial Technology

Financial Technology

February 20, 2013

Rapid Addition Solution Incorporates IBM WMQ LLM Technology

Rapid Addition, a software solutions provider, recently unveiled a very-low latency, high-performance solution ideal for the entire trade life cycle. IBM’s (News - Alert) WebSphere MQ Low Latency (WMQ LLM) technology has been advantageously used by the latest solution from Rapid Addition.

With the increasing competition, the majority of financial organizations aim to offer unsurpassed performance and extraordinary dependability. Customers will now be provided with enhanced performance advantages with the latest Rapid Addition offering, which incorporates IBM’s technology.

Rapid Addition’s FIX engine, the Cheetah, has been incorporated with WMQ LLM. Customers will therefore be able to access optimum speeds right through the FIX messaging path. They will also be able to experience a stepped up return on investment. The latest incorporation of certified technologies has already showcased its advanced speed and flexibility.

In a statement, Gerry Reilly, director, WebSphere Messaging Development and Customer Support, IBM, said, “The combination of our Low Latency Messaging technology with Rapid Addition’s Cheetah FIX engine provides our customers with a best of breed FIX solution for their trading systems. As a result, the enhanced performance will extend and optimize their trading capabilities, and therefore enhance their client’s experience.”

Precise optimization of the Cheetah FIX engine interface was possible by utilizing the Binary FIX message format from Rapid Addition as the IBM WMQ LLM message payload. The Cheetah FIX engine interface can send and receive messages over the IBM LLM message bus with less latency. Other straightforward deployment message bus substitutes providing best-in-class performance are provided by FIXML and ASCII FIX.

Kevin Houstoun, chairman, Rapid Addition, said, “We are always looking to build on our portfolio of technology partners and IBM is one of the biggest names to add to that. Our work with the firm will continue on into future projects, working together to continually improve overall performance of the joint offering and on other innovative services in the pipeline.”

Rapid Addition, a technology associate of Microsoft, is one of the founders of Intel (News - Alert) Low Latency Labs. The organization has customers across the globe and includes banks, brokers, corporations, exchanges, hedge funds and investment managers.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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