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Financial Technology

February 20, 2013

Selerity Raises $3 Million to Boost Selerity Alerts Development

Selerity, a provider of real-time event data solutions for the financial service industry, recently raised $3 million in equity financing. Its new real-time intelligence platform, Selerity Alerts, has strong demand from investors and has an extensive market opportunity for user-driven, real-time intelligence for financial services.

Owing to this huge demand, the equity financing raise for the development of Selerity Alerts was oversubscribed by more than $1 million.

As an integral part of this capital raise, Emanuel Mond will join the board of directors of Selerity. He is an entrepreneur, seasoned financial information services executive and an investor. Of late, he served as the chairman of a global enterprise data management company, Cadis. Previously, Mond held several senior leadership roles at different financial technology ventures, which include SunGard, Monis Software and Whittaker Garnier.

The Selerity Alerts real-time intelligence platform enables analysts, portfolio managers, security traders and other professionals to access and leverage real-time intelligence depending on the particular interests and investment thesis. The platform from Selerity uses advanced classification and real-time search technology for delivering intelligence pertaining to important events that majorly impact the financial market. Using Selerity’s proprietary algorithm, the platform classifies thousands of breaking events every day at only sub-second speeds. The events come from multiple sources such as local media, social media, authoritative blogs and regulatory agencies. Such events are then analyzed by in-house event analysts of Selerity, providing relevant analysis and information to the clients. Security Alerts is presently in a beta testing phase with a group of renowned financial services firms.

The new shareholders of Selerity, who have majorly contributed in raising $3 million equity financing in Selerity Alert development, includes the top executives in financial information industry – Data Explorer founder Mark Faulkner, Altegrity chief executive officer, Sharon Rowlands, and Credit Benchmark co-founder and Cadis Former chairman, Emanuel Mond.

Expressing his views regarding joining Selerity’s board of director, Mond stated he is looking forward to work with the team of Selerity and the fellow members to expand the process of developing the rapidly-growing real-time intelligence market. At the same time, he will also guide Selerity in leveraging the additional capital raised in further developing the service offerings.

A major portion of the company’s Series A board of directors and shareholders have also reinvested in equity financing raising as a part of their second round, which includes Doug Atkin, chief executive officer and former president of Instinet; Donald Smith, chairman of Selerity; and Roger Ehrenberg, former chief executive officer of DB Advisors and Wall Street veteran. The company has raised $8.1 million in equity financing, including Series A round and Series B round.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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