Financial Technology

Financial Technology

October 25, 2012

Razorsight Recognized by Stratecast, a Division of Frost & Sullivan

The importance of financial assurance and analytics to CSPs is underscored by the current crisis in lost revenue. Even as global telecom earnings soar, losses from inaccurate billing is keeping pace and undercutting gains. Worldwide, this revenue leakage today costs service providers $75 billion per year, with losses expected to reach nearly $375 billion.

Razorsight (News - Alert), a specialist in cloud-based financial assurance and analytics solutions, has been empowering communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide, including mobile, cable and wireline operators, to analyze, visualize and leverage big data at very fast speeds to improve margins and pursue new profit opportunities. Razorsight's modular apps provide a comprehensive and flexible approach to resolving service providers' financial assurance needs.

This in turn prompted Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert), a telecommunications strategic forecasting organization, to name Razorsight as the strongest financial assurance supplier in the North American region.

"The ability of our solutions to unlock the value of providers' big data in near real time opens new windows of margin enhancement quickly and cost-effectively, and is the core driver of Razorsight's unmatched appeal to carriers and strong revenue growth," stated Charlie Thomas (News - Alert), chief executive officer at Razorsight, in a statement.

 In its report titled, "Global Communications Service Provider (CSP (News - Alert)) Financial Assurance (Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, and Cost/Margin Analysis) Market Forecast & Supplier Assessment," Stratecast has gave the company this prestigious ranking after looking at its revenue earned and numbers of customer served, in addition to noting the company's global expansion in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America as a strategic move that will yield significant dividends.

"With Razorsight's decision to expand globally, we expect to see Razorsight remain in the top leadership group of the financial assurance market for the foreseeable future, as business opportunities from multiple dimensions materialize for those that serve this sector," added Karl Whitelock, director  of Global OSS BSS Strategy for Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan.

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