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Financial Technology

October 17, 2012

SAP Unveiled Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0, an EPM Unwired Mobile App

In line with the growth of demand for applications that can help people on-the-go to work and perform tasks, SAP (News - Alert) has lately concentrated on applications for mobile users that range from business intelligence (BI) to analytics to cloud-based services –its HANA-powered apps in the cloud were unveiled last month.

SAP is a 40-year-old German IT company based in Walldorf but with a global presence that involves 130 countries. The business has invested heavily on products that cater to the mobile professionals and is now ready to expand the enterprise mobility of the UAE business sector by making a steady presence in the market of enterprise software and software-related services.

SAP is concentrating on this flourishing market, as Mimi Spier, SAP senior director of marketing and mobile analytics, affirms, because of forecasts that see 75 percent of executives performing analytics mainly on mobile devise as soon as the year 2020. SAP hopes to conquer a major part of that market by working now on a solid library of applications for business people on-the-go.

The newest app unveiled this month is the Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 on the SAP EPM Unwired mobile app, which allows users to perform financial planning and data analysis on their mobile devices. The new product was announced at SAP TechEd 2012, which is being held October 16-19 in Las Vegas. 

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The Business and Consolidation app is flexible and works on Android (News - Alert) as well as iOS. It allows professionals to manage and update data as well as do reports through the EPM Unwired app. The app also offers collaboration and visualization features of other SAP apps.

With features like scenario planning, “what-if” analysis and forecasting, the new Business Planning and Consolidation application joins in with all other SAP-provided BI applications in aiding professionals in their decision-making anytime, anywhere, even when away from their physical office. As Spier said, SAP wants “to give people the flexibility to leverage the value of analytics on a daily basis, wherever they are."

Professionals who want to learn more about what SAP has to offer or about the new Business Planning and Consolidation app, can visit the SAP Solutions Web page

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