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Financial Technology

April 02, 2012

McObject Announces Spreadbrokers as Reseller, Partner Across Europe

McObject, creator of the eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS), recently announced Spreadbrokers has now become its official reseller across Europe and the U.K.

Spreadbrokers will offer financial organizations across Europe and the U.K. integrated solutions with eXtremeDB. The company is an expert in low-latency technology, and will provide target buy-side and sell-side financial organizations with eXtremeDB to reduce latency and introduce new techniques capable of supporting fast data management.

Data management plays a critical role in the trading cycle, to meet a demand for fast data delivery, precise selection, and fast processing of large data sets, particularly within high frequency trading, portfolio optimization and research,” said Russell Dewis, Spreadbrokers principal. “The growing number of trading centers has led to a proliferation of incoming data, driving a need for faster and more efficient handling of this information. eXtremeDB offers a solution at several points within the trade lifecycle where it will accelerate data processing in line with marketplace needs.”

McObject (News - Alert) eXtremeDB is an in-memory database system (IMDS) which reduces latency such as disk I/O and cache management, typical to conventional disk-based database management systems (DBMS). The high-performance based eXtremeDB offering helps enhance programming interfaces, and can run in-process with applications, which effectively brings down latency – a natural by-product of inter-process communication calls within alternative client/server DBMS framework.

This helps eXtremeDB manage records at a much faster rate, which is the primary reason behind its deployment as a popular database solution supporting real-time software.

Spreadbrokers will promote eXtremeDB for applications which need to comply with specific demands with respect to real-time database performance. With the solution, applications such as portfolio optimization and complex event processing, as well as order matching which require analysis of extensive data, get optimized and yield informed and improved trade decisions.

“There is a need for both high availability and latency reduction across the trading space,” said Russel Dewis. “McObject’s eXtremeDB has solutions for both requirements.”

The partnership between Spreadbrokers and McObject will bring advanced technology solutions to the capital markets and result in new opportunities of business and revenue for both companies.  

Edited by Braden Becker

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