Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

August 18, 2010

Project Management Software from Torridon Helping Caribbean Security Consultant in Mitigating Risks

Whether with the glossy corporate sector or the government agencies in many countries,  that still follow the conventional working style in their day-to-day working – the use of handwritten notes and checklists have become outdated. Nor are they safe. By no means they are the best option for conducting business safely at such organizations as banks and energy companies, government, military, law enforcement and national security agencies and corporations. The Swiftlight project management software application is being widely used in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago, across the industries.

According to the Torridon, the developer of Swiftlight, this software makes the ideal solution for the people, who find Microsoft (News - Alert) Project too complex, and managing projects in Excel and PowerPoint very time-consuming. Swiftlight can quickly generate clear, presentation-ready plans and progress reports for initiatives such as product launches, strategy reviews, operational improvement initiatives or annual planning.

A.R.M Specialists -- which provides risk-management consulting and security training services to private and government clients in Trinidad and Tobago-- shifted in late 2009 to Swiftlight project management software.

“It provides clarity,” Lt. Col. Lyle E. Alexander, chief executive officer of ARM (News - Alert), said.

According to Alexander, Swiftlight provides the oerfect project management solution for a country, where the oil and gas industries account for about 40 percent of gross domestic product and 80 percent of exports. Trinidad & Tobago is also regarded as the regional financial center “strategic to international business,” said Alexander, who served with the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force for 18 years, and as manager of security for Amoco/BP.

“Swiftlight enables us to organize our projects in a logical way. One example is an operational audit. We use the objectives and scope view and the timeline view in Swiftlight to clearly define our goals and to plan and organize site visits and interviews. We determine the level of compliance with existing policies and procedures, whether those policies and procedures align with the values and objectives of the organization, and whether the organization’s structure is appropriately aligned with its mission. Swiftlight then delivers outputs for reports or presentations in the language of business – highlighting success metrics, analysis completions, and more,” said Alexander.

Alexender informed that A.R.M. projects involve a lots of assessments based on  a lot of questions about personal security, executive security and physical plant security. The user friendly Swiftlight helps the company to organize the questions in a logical manner and let the company plan and communicate better with it.

“It’s easy to understand. It’s user friendly. And I see the fit for A.R.M. projects. We go out for assessments, ask a lot of questions about personal security, executive security, physical plant security. Swiftlight helps us to organize the questions in a logical manner and we plan and communicate better with it. On a project for a security company, as one example, we were better able to sit down and put together a plan with the company execs. We were able to work with them to understand their needs, identify the business processes that are at risk, and how we propose to mitigate those risks. Swiftlight helped us do all that more effectively,” he added.

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Ed Silverstein

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