Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

September 27, 2012

Applied Instrument Technologies Installs SofTech's ProductCenter PLM

Recently, SofTech (News - Alert) announced that its ProductCenter PLM solution was installed by Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT), a provider of design, manufacturing and marketing of process analytical instruments.

ProductCenter PLM from SofTech is proven among many global users and it installs readily for immediate gains in product development efficiency. It helps users to enhance business operations and their results, and join the hundreds of leading manufacturers that succeed – even in the toughest of market conditions – with the help of ProductCenter PLM solutions.

ProductCenter is ideal for the entire company, including departments such as Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, Field Service, Purchasing and Corporate Management.

With this partnership, AIT looks to further automate business processes including its Software Problem tracking, Engineering Change Notification (ECN), Engineering Release and Standard Production Release, which ProductCenter Workflow easily facilitates.

ProductCenter is also an important element of AIT’s ISO processes.

In the hydrocarbon procedure, bio/pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, natural gas and other manufacturing industries, AIT’s process analyzers are used for quantitative and qualitative analysis by industry leaders to enhance their production processes.

“Choosing ProductCenter was an easy decision. We had the utmost confidence in the product and ProductCenter’s technical support personnel,” stated David Rechsteiner, Engineering Manager at AIT. “The efficiency of bringing ProductCenter on-line lived up to our expectations. ProductCenter works well and its classification structure is a good fit for AIT’s business. Accurately locating items in the secure vault in a timely manner is made easy through ProductCenter’s search utility.”

Recently, the company’s ProductCenter PLM solution was selected for use at the General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' Richardson (News - Alert), Texas facility. Apart from supporting multi-CAD tool integrations and the vaulting of product related data, ProductCenter channelizes engineering documentation processes.

ProductCenter also allows Engineering to manage the Bill of Material (BOM) for improved efficiency in product manufacturing.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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