Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

November 11, 2011

boxPAY Extends its Billing Services to the Press and Media

boxPAY, a mobile technology firm created by Gavin and Iain McConnon to help Web merchants, game developers, and other e-businesses with its SMS-based mobile billing services has extended its reach to bring the press and media within the purview of its global billing platform.

Iain McConnon, Co-Founder, boxPAY , explained the purpose behind the move and said, “We have created a solution for media companies to charge one time, small amounts for a story, e-book, or other content.”

He further added that the move is expected to create a new revenue stream for press and media companies, enabling them to monetize customers who do not have access to credit cards and he was confident that boxPAY would result in an increased number of transactions.

This new way of charging readers for digital content, said McConnon, was prompted by the challenges that news and media outlets constantly face while trying to figure out how to monetize their content outside of subscription services and ads.

When readers are restricted from access to certain content that is only available after completing a lengthy subscription process, the user experience is interrupted and may result in a potential loss in readership and revenue.

By using the boxPAY payment system, which is now available in over 35 countries, on their websites, companies can charge readers for digital content that is of interest to customers. The billing code provided by boxPAY produces a payment box on the website.

Readers who want a one-time access to premium content can make a payment through the payment box. As the charge is then added to their mobile bills or deducted from their prepaid balances, it eliminates the need of requiring full subscriptions and also the need to fill up of lengthy forms.

Any Web merchant can register for free use of the boxPAY service.

In related news, boxPAY Ltd., announced additional service coverage in three new European Union countries, as well as two other additional countries. Denmark, Finland, and Poland were added to the worldwide mobile billing platform in the EU, and Israel and Turkey were also added to the boxPAY platform.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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