Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

October 14, 2011

MIX Introduces New Premium Solutions to Promote Financial Inclusion

In a bid to boost the microfinance sector and educate people able micro finance policies,, Microfinance Information Exchange “MIX” has launched MIX Silver - a value-added, fee-based service for business users.

In a rapidly changing microfinance ecosystem, these new solutions address users' need for timely data and deeper microfinance insight.

 Developed in response to intensive market research, practitioners will benefit from MIX Silver's larger data set, more expansive fact base, and advanced analytical tools designed to meet business needs for timely, informed insight into MFIs and their markets.

Blaine Stephens, MIX Chief Operating Officer and EVP at MIX Solutions said, "In less than a decade, MIX and its partners have built the fact base for microfinance that has moved the industry from case studies to broad, timely market information. MIX Silver moves us from information to action, giving users the tools and insight necessary to monitor market developments and MFI performance where it matters to their business."

In addition, MIX has upgraded its MIX Market website  to improve user experience and increase access to MIX's publicly available microfinance market data.

MIX will introduce MIX Gold to offer enterprise-wide access to broader market intelligence, advanced benchmarking and aggregation tools, expert market insight and commentary, and MFI portfolio monitoring services. Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investor committed to financial inclusion, is providing funding for the launch of these services.

 In other news, TMCnet recently reported that a new research study from MIX seeks to answer the question of whether microfinance institutions (MFIs) that mobilize deposits are serving the low income and poor client with savings products.

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