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July 11, 2012

New Budgeting App for iDevices Announced

When it comes to tracking your finances a lot of people seem to wish that they had more control, in a more convenient format. Lucky for them, there is an app for that, one that was just released. The newest app, known as Budget Balance, has been put up for sales in the App store for $4.99 and it offers some interesting features.

What kind of interesting features? Well, the company described the app in the following terms in the release, "Version 1.0 of Budget Balance gives users the option of personalizing their expenses & incomes, making it even easier for users to customize their own effective, and unique, method of maintaining their salary and incomes. Budget Balance has been lauded as an important finance app, thanks to its focus on an area that is almost always a sore spot for workers: balance management. Thanks to the many features and capabilities within Budget Balance, workers can keep their balance in superb condition without having to scratch their head, in worry, trying to figure out when they last spend, or bank charged their account."

“Let's face it, most people are not accountants,” said Amr El Rafie, developer... Read More

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